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Posted by on Apr 3, 2014 in Blog |

5 Things to get Business Moving Again

5 Things to get Business Moving Again

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BusinessManWhen business is slow and things aren’t happening, it’s time to stir the pot to see what’s cooking.

Here are 5 things you can do to get things moving again when business is quiet.

1.     Look through your list of clients.

Every client I’ve ever had has their own folder in my email program. When I’m looking to stoke the fires, I systematically look through that list alphabetically and think about each client, what they might be up to and see if there is anything I could do to help them right now. Even just reading their name or their company name will spark thoughts that fill mind with ideas. The great Zig Ziglar said, “You can have anything you want, as long as you help enough other people get what they want”. This ‘others’ focused activity is the perfect kick start to get things on the road again.

2.     Check out what your competitors or colleagues are doing.

Again, this is all about getting your eyes off yourself just long enough to gain a different perspective.  Get online and search either for specific people you know and see what they have to show on their websites or quite randomly search for any activity in your field and see what is happening.  When you see what others are doing it can do wonders for your thinking.  New ideas can begin to blossom and open up to amazing possibilities.

3.     Get out of the office.

During busy times the office can be a place of great productivity, but during quiet times it can be a prison and a haven for negative thoughts and habits.  If things are not happening where you are, get out to where they might be. A simple thing like getting a coffee, ordering a pizza or even renting a movie gets you out where the people are.  These places are where possibility and opportunity live.  People are amazing.  You never quite know what they are thinking and you can never be sure what they want to do until you are in a place to start a conversation. Get out and get talking.  A friend of mine has found a lot of business literally by standing in line waiting for a meal.

4.     Get out by yourself.

I find nothing beats taking a walk. I try and walk every day and during this time I either listen to music, a teaching resource or a motivational talk. Even if it’s something I listened to before, I’ll listen to it again. When I’m out and away from all of the distractions and getting myself moving I begin to think all kinds of creative ideas. It’s not unusual for me to stop and record that idea on my iPhone or open up Evernote and start writing it before it goes away. Don’t wait until you get back home or to the office – you may have forgotten it by then. Physical exercise is good for us all and it’s amazing the affect it can have on our thinking as well.

5.     Tidy up your work space.

Have you ever looked around your office or workstation and all you see is mess? It’s not hard for things to pile up and when you’re busy, who’s got the time to stop long enough to tidy up. A messy environment will affect your thinking. Studies have proven that there are only so many things we can manage in front of us at one time productively. Keep your work space tidy and your thinking will be tidy too. However, what I find helpful is what happens during the tidying up. If I end up with piles of things that are just waiting for attention, it’s the actual process of handling those papers or items that gets me thinking of other things. There have been times when something will spring to mind while I’m tidying up and I’ll be reminded to contact someone or follow a lead which can result in all new levels of business activity.

Knowing the keys to getting things moving again is a liberating feeling indeed. Next time you feel like things are a bit slow, try one or all of the above and see what happens. Let me know your experience by leaving a comment below.

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