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Posted by on Mar 15, 2014 in Video Projects |

Drakes Supermarkets

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Drakes Supermarkets –


To produce a training program to educate the staff of Drakes Supermarkets about a new government legislation relating to the use of plastic bags in South Australia.


This video was produced at short notice due to the timing of the legislation. It was shot on weekends out of trading hours so as to have clear access to the store. Following the pre-production stages of scripting and storyboarding, my small crew and I set about working with the staff members who appeared in the video to clearly teach what the new laws required. Everything came together really well and the finished product was delivered on time for the staff training.


The staff of Drakes Supermarkets were able to gain a full understanding of the laws, plus the video presented an opportunity to reinforce other ‘checkout efficiency’ matters. This production was also re-packaged for Foodland and IGA stores on a wider scale.

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