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Posted by on Mar 6, 2014 in Video Projects |

Matthew Michalewicz

Matthew Michalewicz

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Matthew Michalewicz –


To produce a series of 8 short web videos that would act as extensions for Matthew’s book ‘Life in Half a Second‘. Readers of the book will find QR Codes at the end of each chapter and when scanned, these videos will play.


Shot over multiple locations, our small crew were able to assist Matthew to put his message across and achieve his vision and goal for each video. Matthew is a very polished speaker and presenter and working with him was a great pleasure and a learning experience as we benefitted first hand from his insights into living a life of success.


Working closely with Matthew’s appointed web and marketing agency, the videos were prepared and delivered in time to meet a carefully prepared series of launches for the new and improved edition of his popular book. Matthew was really pleased with the outcome of the videos and I produced a follow up series of a further 9 training videos that allow readers of the book to get the most they can from Matthew’s teaching.  The above video is just one of the many that were part of this project.


I have worked with Simon Malcolm on numerous occasions to develop professional videos and give him the highest possible recommendation. He is able to combine big-picture, strategic thinking with a solid attention to detail which creates excellent results for each production he undertakes. He is honest, hard working and always puts his clients first – Simon has been an absolute pleasure to work with. Matthew Michalewicz.

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